Monday, June 24, 2019

Facebook ने किया बड़ा अपडेट

Social networking site Facebook Facebook recently made a big update.  The company has given a new feature for gaming lovers on their main navigation page.  According to the news, Facebook has given a different section of the games on the main navigation page for those who play the game.
According to Facebook Company

 According to the Facebook Facebook company, 700 million users worldwide play video games daily.  To bring all these people one place, the company has given a new tab in its mobile app, giving it a different tab of gaming.
 Once updated, this app will add this tab to its new navigation bar.  From here the user can go straight to Facebook's gaming page, where in addition to a lot of games, groups, live streams and other content will be numbered.  Along with this, the company has also been preparing to launch an app separately for gaming.

 According to the information given in Facebook's blog post, we are also testing a separate gaming app from Facebook.  It's currently for Android.  There will be a lot of new features in it.  For this, we are taking feedback from gaming community.

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